Watashitachi, Kekkonshiki Dekimasu ka?
Watashitachi, Kekkonshiki Dekimasu ka?
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Bridal producer Suzu Miyazaki is reunited with Haruna and Kento, a couple who had postponed their wedding due to the effects of Corona. When she hears of their earnest desire to hold a ceremony, she vows to do her best to support them. However, a disagreement over the limit on the number of guests, followed by the sudden intrusion of their mother, leads to a series of disturbances. And then a string of guests call to inform them that they won't be attending... Will the wedding be canceled?
Released Nov 07, 2021
Runtime 60min
Genre Drama, Family, Documentary
Actor Hikaru Aoyama, Yuki Ikushima
Director N/A
Production N/A