Beryl & Sapphire
Beryl & Sapphire
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"I've been holding a few words back for a long time — I like you!" "Beryl and Sapphire" is a popular manhua created by artist Ocarina. Here includes protagonists with the most random names in history — the mild-mannered Beryl (Green) and the easily-embarrassed Sapphire (Blue). At times the closest of friends, at others the worst of enemies… In this donghua where each episode is set in a different world, how would they encounter each other time and again?? Only angst? Too painful! Nothing but fluff? Too sugary! Come watch B&S, the show where you'll never guess the ending…
Released Aug 27, 2018
Runtime 8min
Genre Animation, Comedy, Drama
Actor Xing Chao, Shuang Zhao
Director Ocarina
Production Haoliners Animation